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I support leaders in their personal branding to become more visible with their true potential.

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Imagine being perceived as a leader with your true potential. It’s easy to find supporters for your ideas and recruit the right personalities for your team.

Together, we bring your personality and expertise into a tangible and authentic form. Be seen with your strengths, both inside your organization as well as out there on the market. It will be easier to find the right candidates for your business and build trust and motivation in your team.
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“Armin understood my situation immediately and helped a lot with my positioning. Highly Recommended!”

Sabine Hess
Manager and author, Hamburg, Germany

“Armin understood and translated my story in a very short time. Everything got clearer and easier. It really works!”

Marilena Maris

Member of the shareholder council, Vienna, Austria

„Armin helped me fast and effectively to establish a clear standing within the corporation for my division and me.“

Andreas Lesch
Managing Director, Graz, Austria

“Armin is very good in what he does. He helped create my brand identity and made me realize so many things about myself.”

Dr. Barbara Geladakis

Entrepreneur and politician, Athens, Greece

“Armin quickly got it what makes me different. It became clear to me how to transport my message out there.”

Katharina Rohrer
Director and producer, New York City, USA

96 recommendations
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Personal Branding Heritage


Your signature story creates credibility within your audience.

Personal Branding Archetype


Archetypes help to understand and live your own role.

Personal Branding Vision


Having a clear vision makes it easier to inspire and guide others.

Personal Branding Positioning


Positioning makes your own offer clear and focused on your target group.

Personal Branding Principles


Principles reflect your values. They facilitate decisions and make your team feel safe.


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About me

I'm a trained architect, but I’m also an experienced carpenter, cook and musician. I've been working in branding for 20 years now. As a partner at Factor, I help organizations build their brand. I am a leadership coach and give keynote speeches.

I played a role in the musical “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, I can count to 99 in Finnish and I have never had a CV.